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Screens Columns Set Content Design

Versus is the diffusion line of noted Italian fashion house Versace.
We have developed content for some of their shops permanent video installations for three years. A projection Wall in London Westfield main shop floor entrance has been used as experimental commercial mapped artWall for several collections. Another two shops, one in Red Church Street (London) and one in Paris, both use mirror display plasma columns, what brings interesting results as introduce a creative entity to physical tech.
We often explore with clients ways to maximize our prosopals through time. 
A reasonable investment in equipment bring long term value; 
To unify visual merchandising display content, and to maximise creative input and interactions beyond the expected, for every new collection at any of your shop-floors. Versus is a good example as it's been proven till now. 
This year, Versus collection, is a collaboration with. We've been involved in using some of their new collection videos to update, and to translate in a sensible creative way, to some of their different video installations we created formerly with Visual Poke in London and Paris. 
We created a collaged composite edit that kept the storiline tempo and merged several versions of the original to transpose in time and space patterns the versions to produce organic but unexpected mixes. Then we composite each version to map the space and sync in case of columns. Some extracts below.
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