The Life of Ashoka/ Dhauli_India/

Permanent Video Mapping Installation Content Design

The story is the life of the Emperor Ashoka who, sickened by killing converted to Buddhism. 
This project was created for the India Tourism Development Corporation by TriColor India Schauspiele. The team was led by Himanshu Sabharwal. The show also includes animated painting created by Maria Rud.
The 3D mapping was created in London by The Projection Studio. 
I was able to collaborate with The Projection Studio to develop part of the design for a 3d mapping this temple in India. As a permanent show installation, a 32 min piece was created as a mixure of 2-3d graphics, live painting, etc. 
Role-> As part of The Projection Studio team, I was commissioned to design 2-3d mapping artwork for several parts of the 32min show. The video below shows some extracts of design I developped. 
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