The Hippodrome Casino/ ArtWall/ London/

Film and Video Content Design for Permanent Installation

The Hippodrome is in constant evolution. In collaboration with The Gray Circle, we were commissioned to produce a multiple phase video transformation of several spaces, with a concept that could bring a unifying theme, and that would contribute to connect the Casino multiple pasts and history to its present, positioning the Hippodrome as a world class Casino reference in London. In the main Auditorium area, there was an existing 56 screens installed, that was taken as a starting point, to produce an immersive video visual piece.
After a close analysis with the client we defined areas of exploration, that would bring the focus values, and still be taken as an artistic collaged approach more than commercial. Recurrent elements were:
Urban fantasy landscapes that would position the Hippodrome in the world, and in London as iconic nucleus. 
Neons as old fashion tech so deeply connected to Casino culture (Vegas, etc) reflecting the gaming excitement.
Gambling, at the heart of the Hippodrome Casino.
Performance, still functioning today and for the whole building history. Casino and Burlesque as one.
Hospitality in an historical landmark, restaurant, bars, etc.
We filmed gambling in the Casino, and also London landmarks, that together with stock library material would compose the piece. We created a template project to allow us to design having a clear control of the whole and the individual parts of the installation, so immersive compositions could be implemented as well as individual screen control and combinations. Also was able to output an image to server and gave us a vision of the artwork in the space. I created most of the artwork. 
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