Global Champions Tour/ Tane/ Mexico/

Video Mapping Installation/ Pre-Visual & Content Design

The Longines Global Champions Tour

The world top 30 ranked jumpers (Olympic, World, and Continental Champions)  to compete in 15 prestigious locations for an unprecedented money prize and title of overall season Champion of Champions 2016. The Championship spans three continents and takes in the world's great cities including Monaco, Vienna, Rome, Shanghai, Mexico City,  and the special final event in Doha, Qatar.
With GrowOffTheWall I was commissioned to create a visual immersive experience around Tane's new Trophies in Mexico City, duringthe Longines Global Champions2016 Tour circuit. The concept was to create an enclosed rectangular dark space in which the trophy stood in the middle litten by a spot. An extruded physical shape would be mapped onto the back room wall. The physical shape was based on the Horse shape that inspired the Trophy creation, and its conception extended from sketch to multifaceted entity.  
As GOTW describes, flickers of radiant lights will subtly project outwards through the small doorway of the TANE tropheo experience, engendering a sense of mystery and consequential intrigue.
As the participant approaches this installation, outside they will read and ponder over a plaque; detailing the thinking behind this display.
Upon entering this dark space, closed off from the rest of reality, the participants will grow with anticipation whilst observing the elegantly down-lit trophy a few feet form the door way.
The projection display then commences, immersing the participants in the designer's mind; the creative process. 
An invisible artists hand begins to sketch, depicting the circular nature of this piece in a motion that characterises the mathematics of creation, of design.
As this sketch develops, from something of total fluidity into more solid visualisations, hints of colour, red & green, begin to highlight the visual - which is still ever-growing in complexity and presence.
The projection then proliferates three-dimesionqally, inspired and directed into this new dimension by the curves & contours of the trophy itself. 
Within this 3D space progressions of the aforementioned sketches synergise with visual representations of the trophy’s essence, to then dissipate dramatically into black space - coming full circle in this cycle of creation…
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