350th Anniversary/ Saint Gobain/ Philadelphia/ USA/

360 Content Design Creation

Saint Gobain - 350th anniversary - 360 Content Design - Philadelphia, US
Saint-Gobain is one of the world's largest building materials companies. It commemorated its 350th anniversary with a never-before-seen global exhibition of epic proportions, Future Sensations. The exhibition saw over 114,000 visitors between May 30 and June 6, 2015.

In close collaboration with Visual Communications Agency in the US 21gocommunications, Filmiks was comissioned to design the Signature show, 360 content design, for one of the installations, the 360 Dome. AbsoluteHollywood provided the Dome and DeepVisual the content Server implementation for the events.

Event Installations and SG public links:

The exhibit was an immersive experience with five distinct ephemeral pavilions that took visitors on a sensory journey of science, storytelling and art that celebrated the past three and a half centuries and offered glimpses into future innovations called to transform the world. The touring exhibition made four stops across the globe, including Shanghai, China; São Paulo, Brazil; Paris, France; and Philadelphia – the only tour stop in North America and home of Saint-Gobain's domestic headquarters.
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