National Trust/ Erddig Glow/ Wales/

Projection Mapping Content Design

Erddig Hall, is a National Trust property on the outskirts of Wrexham, Wales.  Designed in 1683, Erddig is one of the UK’s finest stately homes. Erddig's walled garden is one of the most important surviving 18th century formal gardens in Britain.
FINAL CLIENT - National Trust
ROLE- Creative Direction, Design
As part of Christmas events, the Trust sponsored Erddig Glow, an event will be taking place every Saturday and Sunday throughout December.  The initial idea was for visitors to take a path walk through the gardens at night, ending up facing Erddig House.  We were brought in to design, enhance and add some christmas magic for the event. 
EMF's colour lights, torches, etc was used to create a magical environment in the huge gardens, playing with reflections, and light/darkness suggestively. For the House, a backdrop mapped video projection, together with 4 big searchlights, made of Erddig House visible focal point through the walk.
I designed and liase the creative direction and content design with EMF for the different clients involved. As usual, very tight deadlines to design. 
The mapping loop evolves  and encompass, in little time, aspects from Christmas and Erddig Hall, and take fazade through transformative moments with light. “Had to be magical and transformative, playfully, capable of engaging both kids and grown ups as they walk through the gardens.”
We got a very good feedback. 
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