Miss Saigon/ Det Ny Teater / Copenhagen (DEN)


Since its inception in 1989, Miss Saigon has won over 30 major theatre awards, been performed in 25 countries, and translated into 12 different languages.
Set during the Vietnam War, Miss Saigon begins in 1975 when the conflicting cultures and ideologies of the world seemed to meet violently in one city: Saigon. It’s an epic and tragic story of a young couple in love, caught in a world at war.
"the fluid way in which it’s written, both musically and dramatically, needs to be reflected in the fluidity of the physical production, and that it should appeal to the senses too. It should have a fleeting and emotional feeling which reflects the drama and romance of the music."
Surfaces of the set were video projected from time to time, not in a strictly naturalistic way, but to create and add atmosphere. The permanent surround of the set provided a projection surface while having texture and drama in itself. Several moving riggs of bamboo were also used selectively for projection.
In conjuction with creative director Thomas Gray from The Gray Circle, I developped lead 2-3d content design within a multi-disciplinary team.
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