Lighted Arts Festival/ Projection Mapping/ Napa/CA(US)/

Projection Mapping Content Design

After last year success, the City of Napa will be celebrating the Napa Lighted Art Festival from 12-20Jan 2020.
Art After Dark, 9 nights, 16 architectural and Light Installations throughout the City. Artwork displayed at this year’s Napa Lighted Art Festival included light art, video art, 3D video mapping projections, lighted sculptures and projects that use technology or interactivity. 
It’s not often that I apply for Light Festivals, so I was honoured that my project was picked amongst many others to be part of their 2020 light festival. I was assigned assigned the Opera House building, now home of the Blue Note Jazz Club. The original Blue Note in NYC is one established iconic name within the Jazz scene. 
I created a piece exploring the architecture and I defined a textural sense of movement through big cities at night as a complex singularities creating a whole, like jazz. Wanted to be visually familiar to viewer, something they could relate to. Open Note it’s inpired on a personal trip moment through Chicago overground train at night. There was something textural that came back inmediately when I was conceving this project. 
Special thanks to all those who made this possible; Jam Cellars to sponsor it, Meredith Newards from for her support and Ross Ashton for his suggestions. And all that people whose feedback makes all the work worth it.
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