JangEAzadi/ Punjab/ India/

Projection Mapping Content Design

JANG E AZADI Memorial, 
A new Complex and Museum has been built in Punjab. The exhibits will showcase the role of Punjabis in the freedom struggle starting from the first Sikh war (1845-49) led by Maharaj Singh in Multan in 1849 to the Independence and Partition (1947).

A permanent installation, which integrates into outdoor theatre complex area, transforming the whole space into a historical multimedia show experience. Using laser, light, water-screen, multiple projection mapping points, and sound; the show takes the audience through a visual journey.

As part of TPS we were commissioned to develop a big part of the 1h show content design, under their direction. The theme is a momentums showcase of the historical Punjabis journey period we referred.
The mapped walls were more than 100m with curved circular structures and domes.
A massive 1h 9K content integrating 3d graphics, 4k video green screen content, 2d graphics and effects.
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