GMC/ Experiential Promo/ Dubai/

Water Screen Show Content Design and Pre-Visualization

OTHER CLIENTS - LeoBurnett, Carat, EMF
ROLE- Creative Direction, Design
As part of an advertising outdoor campaign for GMC's new 4x4 YUKON 2015, GMC commissioned this three night event at Dubai City Walk, close to the city centre. This 2 min Show was projected hourly from 6-12pm. 
With only three effective weeks to design, I still wanted to come with a 2 min choreographed custom show; Light, Sound, Animation, and  Water, what was quite challenging concept for the time schedule, but they loved the idea. The content based on discussions, encompassed client values, evolving through several storyboarded stages, while sound, graphics and light interacted accordingly.  Aspects like transparency, perspective, tempo, played a key role in content design. Also, I designed a clear plan of stages and tempos of the piece, to coordinate other experts input needed.
Sound, it was custom made by Marc Gonell, he put together sound bets, based on given tempo and mood, and also layered final effects. He was amazing, as usual. Light design was pre-stablished by me through pre-visualisation, and coordinate on site with Light Designer Thomas Crittenden. Video Playback was coordinated with Andy Roberts, from EMF. EMF produced, provided all the technology to be involved as well as on-site implementation.  Some tech involved: lighting (8 Searchlights, 6 Sharpies, 4 Gobo’s, 6 CityLights), 2 Projectors, 20mx12m WaterScreen, 6 speakers, and all Power supply needed).
I created and liaised all creative aspects, part of Emf, and for all clients involved. Final client as well as other clients involvled loved it, thank me personally, and wants us to be involved in a near future project.
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