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Projection Mapping Content Design

Opening Show for the 2019 World Radiocommunication Conference. Celebrated at International Congress Center, Sharrm el-Sheikh, Egypt. 3500 world wide personalities and President/King itself would attend the Show, live on TV.  I was approached by Thomas Gray, the project's Creative Director (The Gray Circle), to define and create visualy engaging graphics inspired by the concepts of Connectivity Tech/Communication, future/space, dreams/possibilities,  connecting the world, everybody, everywhere, everytime. 
The continent for the artwork would be an impressive 30m LED 6K curved screen, and projection mapping onto two sets of physical screens designed by Saha Hadid architects as part of their Stage Design.
Additionaly, there would be phisical sharp shaped structures on stage, created by architects as well; they would be moved by life performance act created by emblematic Lebanese Coreographer Wallid Aouni. 
It was challenging to overcome many obstacles together with Thomas. To say some: 4 weeks for 10 min design and multiple output renders, uncertainty about coreography acts length or soundtrack till last moment, etc.. 
Despite all of it, I think we created something really visual in the end, many thinks worked out well; The definition concept of the transformed data Smart City mood an progressive states, which I just scratch the surface of. For the Digital Era Infrastructure section, choosing a pyramid as a base kept simbology link between terrestrial and spatial signals through it. To sort the coreography performances length issue, loops where created within sections, you can bearly realise, but gave flexibility and added modularity. The whole future section, displaying our planet and galaxy as a universe of data signals as an interconnected reality. The whole artwork is approached as a progressive journey from start to end.
President Sisi, during the opening session of the WRC, said it reflected the growth and development of human civilization. He also praised the theatrical performance presented during the session, saying that it highlights the progress of humanity during the different times. 
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