Cersaie/ Esmaglass/ Bologne/ Italy

Video Projection Installation Content

Cersaie is an annual international exhibition of ceramic tile bathroom furniture in Bologna, Italy. Esmaglass, specialists in ceramic printing.
This projects was an immersive installation, projection on cubic gauze, conceived by offTheWall for Esmaglass and implemented by VisualPoke in Cersaie Bologna. filmiks created graphic content on a tight dead-lines.
The initial concept was to use the “digital rain’ as a symbol of how the essence of the ‘digital' tints/dyes that they produce carries-forth into the ceramic tiles that are made from these.
After sketching possibilities, they went for very subtle rain effects based on digital particle dynamics and forces. The design approach took on account the shape of installation to response in terms of movement and floor limit. That simple complexity, created a semitransparent immersive atmosphere in harmony with Esmaglass stand experience. 
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