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Dunham Massey is a listed building, an English country house property of National Trust, one of the ten most visited. It used to be a Military Hospital during World War I. It was built in the early 17th century by the Earls of Warrington; the family still live in part of the house today. It has historic formal gardens and a deer park.
Christmas at Dunham Massey 
For the last three years it is holding a popular xmas event for the public.  illuminated trails lights up its formal gardens and deer park filled with multiple installations; A Tunnel of Light twinkling with thousands of pea-lights. A grand avenue replanted with gigantic flowers with the Massey fazade  brought to life by festive projections. Glowing Vortex Tunnels and mesmerising reflections made by Fire on Water. Light up trees like fizzing fireworks, a carpet of colour-changing blooms. A larger-than-life glittering deer, or a Field of Light. There’s also a Victorian carrousel and other rides for the young ones. 
We created the main projection mapping for the Massey fazade. Directed by Ross Ashton and soundtrack created by Karen Monid, at The Projection Studio. So there were elements we wanted to see, but we where exploring different ways to approach them. It had to be bright and festive, we developped a transitional advent calendar based on architecture, we lit the building based on sound, and we created multiple scenes to dived in and out based on storyboarded concepts for the Massey.
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