Bridges/ Cannon Design Flagship Office/ Chicago/

Permanent Video Projection On Glass Content Design

Cannon Design (American award-winning architecture, engineering and interior design firm operating throughout United States but also in Asian countries, Canada, etc.
We were commissioned to produced a conceptual projection mapping piece on glass, for their Chicago new flagship office building. The piece would cover a semitransparent 12m glass wall on the main reception area.
Bridges and water, are relevant aspect in the Chicago’s character and lifestyle, the piece had to conceptualy encompass elemments that had recursive and invisible subconcious relevance, and also reflect the values of the company. The concept of connection, of bridging, was also related to the projection system; by creating a super wide screen 4:1 and designing always a flow of elemments that collaged into those moods. All filming was formely done by us in Chicago, and all the elemments are based on collaging it. A server on site allowed the client to easily implement multiple uses for the glass wall, the reception versatility is endless.
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